Our Story

Started in December 2020, we are a young team with enormous love for kids and their clothing who dares to think big and are not afraid to be different. Most importantly we believe that every single garment can be a special experience and has power to turn your kid’s day into a great one. That’s why our mission is to bring your kids all the best clothing with unique looks along with great comfort so your kids can be happy and enjoy what they wear.

Our Quality

Our goal is to provide your kids with the best and happiest clothing products around. Dolls and Dudes ensures that our clothing line have high standards by closely monitoring all production procedures. To achieve uncompromised quality we have installed all setups like designing, screen printing and embroidery, quality control, packaging etc. on a single platform to avoid any issues regarding product quality and any delays in production processes so that our customers can have a user experience like no other. 

On the other hand, our rare blend of screen printing and digital embroidery makes our products so unique and attractive that the kids can enjoy what they wear every single time, with every single outfit. We pay close attention to the production of our collections and the minor detailing of each clothing article by using the best fabric and material with sharpest and colorful designs. Our team of skilled artisans crafts each garment from the highest quality fabrics and related material.